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16. What language is spoken on board?

The guys joining our trips come from countries all over the world. Therefor the language spoken on board is English. Most of our skippers also speak French, Dutch, Spanish, German, and Italian.

15. Is it one big orgy on board?

The general atmosphere on board is sociable and friendly. All Saltyboys Sailing Cruises have a non-sexual intent. Of course this doesn’t mean that nothing ever will or can happen. Usually new friendships (and more) are formed on board. Often guys book again together on a next cruise.

14. What age do the guys have?

Saltyboys Sailing Cruises are for guys between roughly 20 and 50 y/o. These boundaries are not set in stone, if you are a few years older but still easy going, flexible and sexy 😉 you are more than welcome to join us.

The Saltyboys management always monitors the average age group per cruise. If it happens that there is a big predominant age-group on a cruise, we might decide to keep those together.

13. What is not included/what are the extra costs?

Apart from your flights/transfers, extra costs are for food/drinks (grocery shoppings for on-board breakfast/lunch and on shore dinners), the occasional national park entrance or harbor fee. All these costs will be shared by the crew members using a common wallet (a so called kitty). According to custom the skipper is exempt from contributing to the kitty and it will be managed by one of the crew members. Estimated costs per person for the common wallet are around € 250 for the whole week.

12. What is included?

Your cruise includes shared accommodation on a sailingyacht with the professional guidance of a Saltyboys gay or gay nudist skipper. Included are all yacht related costs such as yacht insurance, dinghy with outboard, bed linen, towels, yacht safety deposit, end-cleaning and diesel. The luxury gay sailing cruises also include the services of a gay host/cook who will take care of on-board meals, the grocery shopping and the dish washing.

11. Is a sailing cruise expensive?

Of course it’s not cheap to have a holiday on a sailing yacht. Sailing yachts itself are expensive, as well as the insurances. However if you compare the price per night to that of a hotel and think of the travel costs you save arriving every day right in the centre of a new place without packing your bags all the time, it’s rather good! The price of a sailing holiday can be compared with the price of a skiing holiday.

10. What if I get seasick?

No worries. This can happen to anyone when seas get more rough. From experience we know this never lasts longer than a few hours max, only the first day, if at all. It is a matter of getting used to the motion of the boat. Your skipper is regardful and happy to help you out. A good breakfast and lunch (full stomach, even if you don’t think so) do miracles against motion sickness. If still needed there are very effective pills or patches against motion sickness. Once used to the waves you’ll love them 😉

09. When is best to book?

If you want to be sure to have a place on board on a certain trip, we recommend to book well in advance. This means booking ahead a year or at least 8 months in advance. Usually we get fully booked around 6 to 4 months prior to departure. It can never hurt to inform as sometimes a place opens up or with a lot of interest we likely add another Saltyboys boat to the fleet.

08. What type of boats are used for the…

For most Saltyboys Gay and Au Naturel sailings we use new modern Beneteau 50 footers with beds for 10 persons. On other trips we use catamarans Lagoon 400 or 450 (Seychelles, Caribbean, Mexico, etc.). On the Saltyboys Luxury Cruises we sail on spacious classic but modern Gullet yachts.

07. Can I have my own private cabin?

Guys that like to have their own cabin can mention their preference on the booking form. The surcharge is 95% of the trip fee, as one person less can book the trip.